Sex Therapy

Difficulties with sex can have a major impact on your life. There may be physical or emotional factors, this can cause personal distress and relationship breakdown.  As many as one in ten people experience sexual difficulties.  Sexuality is an important area in our lives and yet is often neglected.

Psychosexual therapy takes place in a counselling relationship. I provide a safe and confidential environment where we can explore your issues and if required devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

Sexual issues can be difficult to talk about, but I offer a confidential environment in which to do this and explore different avenues or treatments.

Some examples are:-

Erectile dysfunction – difficulty gaining/maintaining an errection.
Premature/Rapid Ejaculation
Loss of Sexual Desire
Vaginismus in women – unable to have penetration because of tightness and/or pain.
Dyspareunia -Painful intercourse.
Anorgasmia – difficulty reaching orgasm.
Sexual Addiction – obsessive sex drive or other obsessions relating to sex such as internet porn which can take over your life.