Individual Counselling

You may be suffering from depression, having negative thoughts, anxiety, low self-esteem, acting in a destructive way to yourself or others or just feel ‘stuck’, this could be affecting you in many ways, at work, socially, with family etc.   I offer a supportive, caring and safe environment through counselling to explore what you are feeling and why. Often when we understand what is going on for us, or how the past has affected the way we are now we can move forward to a happier state of being.

All of us are affected subconsciously from our past.  Messages from parents, teachers, friends and significant others stay with us and can affect how we behave, and how we are in relationships.   Low self esteem, lack of confidence and other difficulties could have been with you for more years than you care to remember.  We can unravel what has gone on for you, and look at the negative thoughts you are experiencing and change them for alternative positive thoughts.

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