Mary brings huge emotional intelligence and empathy to her role as counsellor, creating an open and safe space for you to explore the challenges and difficulties you are facing in life. While she, rightly, doesn’t give you the answers, her highly effective coaching approach supports you through a discovery process to better understand yourself and your relationships with others. In short, she gives you the understanding, the tools and the confidence you need to enrich and improve your own life and to enable you to better connect with those you most care about.



I had been seeing Mary for about 12 weeks whilst I was going through a very emotional and traumatic period in my life.  With her help I was able to conquer all that I was battling with for many many years.  And so now I feel a happy, more confident person with a more stable emotional state knowing that nothing is impossible to achieve.



Mary’s help proved to be invaluable.  A path to understanding the way you feel to enable to help your self was illuminated with professional expertise  and the warmth of her kindness.



Thank you Mary. I now know how to cope with and manage those difficult things that many of us have to deal with. Your support and empowerment will always be with me Mary. I will continue to share your kindness with my loved ones.



Mary is a great therapist: understanding, attentive and kind. My sessions have been organic and relaxed. She brings a real compassion and genuine warmth to the work and I am very grateful for our time together. I would recommend her entirely.